PALETTE ARCHITECTURE is a full-service design and architecture practice.

Our focus is on creating memorable spaces that speak to your unique aspirations for your project.

With creativity and a collaborative spirit, we will guide you to the design that suits you best.


The services we provide are tailored to every project and every client.

Before we are signed on, we will help you determine which design services you will need.

The four categories below are essential to most projects.


Our work begins by helping to prioritize the project's goals, identifying the ambitions and requirements of the project with our clients. Having defined the contours of the project, we then work work with our clients to develop the overarching objectives that will underpin the design process.


Design is the translation of the project’s ambitions into space and material. We strive to elevate our design through ambitious goal-setting, high standards, and a focus on user experience. Through focused problem solving and open communication, we create singular solutions for our clients' unique situations.


Once the broad strokes of the design are established, we produce a high quality set of documents to form the basis of construction. During this phase, we regularly consult with engineers, fabricators, product vendors, and other experts to resolve difficult problems and incorporate best practices.


Proper oversight of the construction phase ensures that the hard work of design does not get lost through miscommunication or poor enforcement of the project documents. We are committed to seeing projects through to completion, so our clients receive a high quality product that meets their expectations.



Peter Miller has spent his career designing and administering the construction of among the most challenging projects. His portfolio includes major cultural institutions, master plans, parks, and signature houses. Peter's ability to solve ambitous design problems allows us to maintain our project’s vision from drawing board through construction.
John Sunwoo brings a pragmatic and fluid approach to design that enables our focus on the experiential qualities of our projects. His ability to quickly distill and prioritize complex goals and constraints was gained over a decade of working at several of the world’s most prestigious architectural practices.
Jeff Wandersman has developed a holistic approach to architecture through his experience working on a diverse range of building types, including flagship retail, art galleries, offices, restaurants, apartments, and houses. His easy engagement with contractors and understanding of materiality imbues our finished work with a feeling of quality, precision, and joy.


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